Make Me A Rock Star!*

Here’s your chance to feature on the next DumbRocks project!

I want to collect a number of short recordings of people saying “That’s excellent!” in their own words, style, accent… and in their own their own language. So, mums, dads, kids, grandparents – get inspired, and get recording!

Imagine you have just seen something genuinely brilliant that causes you to react: what would you say?  You see a spectacular magic show, or a death-defying trapeze act,  or a stunningly gorgeous sunset.  What words would you use? And how would you sound?  Record yourself saying that exact word or phrase on your phone, send me the clip… and you might be hearing yourself on the radio at some point in the future!*

Here are just some examples you can use, but I’d rather you used a word of phrase that would naturally come to mind. And I’m especially keen to get samples in other languages, but for these you must be a native speaker!

In English:
“How cool is that?”
“That’s sensational!”
“Oh I say, that’s a bit of alright, isn’t it?”

In French:
“C’est superb, ca!”, or “Vraiment magnifique”

In German:
“Wunderbar!”;  “Das ist gut!”

In Spanish:
“Mira que bueno!”; “Espectatular”

In Japanese:
[I have no idea – but do you?]

There are a few critical dos and dont’s to follow, so keep these in mind please, and understand that I even if they are perfect I am most unlikely to be able to include every clip I am sent.

* By submitting your clip you also understand that neither I nor my producers are making any guarantee that you will indeed make it on to the radio or that you will in fact become a rock star. Just that you might.

* By submitting your clip you also understand that you grant me full permission to use the recording as I see fit, and that if I should choose to do so then other than the shot at rockstar fame (see above) I will not owe you any further compensation – however many millions the project may go on to generate. Basically, you’re giving me the clip and waiving all your rights to it – innit?

Check the instructions on the right. Record you clip as a “wav” or “mp3”, add your name to the filename, and email it to me at makemearockstar [at] dumbrocks [dot] com.

I promise to let you know if it is used in the project.  Good luck!


Record a single word…
…Or a very short phrase
Just one voice
Find a quiet spot
Keep it clear (and clean!)
Be natural, but…
…Sound amazed
Submit a max of 3 clips
Include your name in the wav or mp3 file-name
Send it by June 15 to
makemearockstar [at] dumbrocks [dot] com


Use more than 5 words per clip
Record more than a single voice
Have any background noises
Shout (speak naturally)
Whisper (speak naturally)
Submit more than 3 entries
Expect any royalties!