About Me

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I love my God, and I love music.  To use the latter in the service of the former is therefore a double delight, and one of which I will never tire!

When I was aged around 8, my father’s colleagues inexplicably bought him a guitar for his birthday. He being a  lover of classical music (and of the violin especially) it was predictable enough that the guitar would sit untouched – until I picked it up and made it mine!  The rest, as they say, is history.

I live in South West London with my beautiful and long-suffering wife.  It’s our joy and privilege to help lead the sung worship at the local anglican church we attend.


About The Songs

There’s something magical about music that science has yet to fully understand.  It has the power to engage with our emotions in a way that little else can. It can stir us to action. It can evoke distant memories.

And it is precisely these twin abilities of speaking to our emotions and of helping us remember that make music the perfect medium through which God’s people can declare His praise and encourage one another.

As we declare His word in song, we not only encourage one another in the moment, but we cement His promises deep in our hearts from where they can be recalled later when needed.  We might not be able to recite Romans 8 verbatim, but we can certainly remember “No power of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand!” (from In Christ Alone by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend).

Many of these songs are therefore lifted straight from Scripture. Those that are not nonetheless still set out to convey bible truths faithfully, and so help us to hide them deep in our heart.

Whilst not strictly ‘kids’ songs’, it is my hope that you’ll find the material suitable for use in your church’s all-age services, and helpful for the those times when the whole family can listen together.  So whether aged  8 or 80, my prayer is that as you sing or listen to them God’s Word might come to dwell in you richly! [Col 3:16]

Dumb Rocks?

As Jesus rides in to Jerusalem on the day we now celebrate as Palm Sunday, He is welcomed by a cheering crowd.  As they chant, they quote Scripture, and declare Him the long awaited Messiah [Luke 19:38].  The pharisees, as was so often the case, are quick to take issue with this perceived blasphemy,  and urge Jesus to rebuke His followers.

But Jesus does no such thing. The crowd are more right than they likely even know, and Jesus will not have them silenced.  The praise is well directed, and well deserved.

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out!” [Luke 19:40]

Centuries later it is we who are called to take-up the chorus and praise Him. For who He is. For what He has done.

Make no mistake:  Jesus will be glorified; and should we ever cease to sing His praise then “the stones” – creation itself – will take over.  For my part, I’m not allowing any rock to take my place!  For as long as He gives me breath, those rocks will be silent. Dumb rocks!