12 Song Challenge 2024

4. April 2024:
A ‘whole church’ song
Come One, Come All!

3. March 2024:
A song inspired by a musical hero
Isn’t He Good! (Zeph 3:17)

2. February 2024:
A song drawn from Acts
Jesus Our God Made Known (Acts 17)

1. January 2024:
A gathering song to be used at the start of the service
Let Us Praise Our Maker (Psalm 95)

In a moment of masterful inspiration (or unbridled folly!) I registered for Resound Worship‘s annual “Twelve Song Challenge”.

Each month participants are set the challenge of writing a congregationally-friendly song to a particular brief. One then shares the effort with the other participants and gets the benefit of their encouragement and advice – all before the 1st of the next month when the next brief is set. It’s a great idea that seeks to encourage grassroots songwriting, and to prod writers in to writing material that is precision-targetted to the circumstances of their local fellowship.

But twelve times a year? Wow – that is seriously ambitious! Which is why I’ve decided to share the journey with you.  This way I’ll now have the added incentive of not wanting everyone to witness my failure!

So on this section you’ll find my monthly attempts (I hope!).  To be clear, none of what you find here will be finished or published. You’ll immediately notice that the recordings are very rough and not remotely intended for distribution.  It’s just possible that in time some songs might be worthy of being taken further, but it’s usual for the vast majority of ideas to end up in the digital bin.   But, in the meantime please do enjoy them (or grimace through them), and please do not use them in any public setting. Thanks for understanding.